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Welcome to Wellness Luxury!

Ready to take your growth journey to the next level?

I am thrilled you are ready to take the first step in investing in you. I offer self-improvement/ mindset coaching and I host monthly self-care experiences to compliment your journey. My personalized approach is designed to help you unlock your potential and achieve your goals by gaining the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to navigate personal challenges and opportunities.

Additionally, Wellness Lux creates customizable luxurious wellness experiences that are accessible to anyone and everyone of the ages 18+. My team of experts is dedicated to customizing wellness experiences that meets your unique needs and budget. Wellness Lux offers a variety of experiences that welcome you to explore the many benefits of health and wellness workshops. I offer from yoga, meditation, mindful art, fitness sessions, and meal prep & nutrition classes and many more experiences designed to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. At Wellness Luxury, I believe that a supportive community is essential for a successful wellness journey so I ensure that I can provide a welcoming environment where you can connect with like-minded individuals who will inspire and empower your growth. My goal is to provide you with the resources and support you need to find balance and achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Whether you’re looking for one on one personalized coaching or self-care & community- I am here to support you in your growth journey. Lets grow together!


Remember, you deserve this! So why not start today?



Mindset Coaching

Welcome to Mindset Coaching, where clarity is just around the corner. If positive changes are a priority in your life this would be a great way to invest in you! My approach integrates proven psychology and other transformational approaches along with targeted exercises and self-help tools to help you build a growth mindset and promote self-improvement. With my guidance, I will help you nurture a healthier self-relationship and work through obstacles , so you can unlock your true potential.

Discovery Call

Elite Coaching 

Coaching (6 Weeks)

You've done your discovery call and you loved it! You are now motivated about your growth journey but you would  like guidance and accountability?

  • Weekly/ Bi weekly 75 minutes sessions 

  • Weekly checkins 

  • 3 free self-care room visits

  • 1 free self-care experience

  • Free self-help resources

Free Coaching Call

Wouldn't it make the MOST sense to meet the coach before making this life changing commitment?


Book a FREE 30 minute call to see if I can support your personal needs as a self-improvement coach. This way you can get an idea of my style of coaching and we can get to know each other so I can best support you!

Deep Dive (VIP) Coaching

Coaching (3 Months)

If after booking a discovery call, you're ready to dive in head strong, committed to your long last transformational work, then you're in the right spot!

  • Unlimited access to me

  • Monthly gifts

  • free resources

  • 3 Free Self-Care experiences

  • 1x month access to self-care room

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